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not really scary but definitely was fun! 

Love me some scary games:D 

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this game that i play was super duper scary and i like the scary models tho please make more chapters

Make a video with my niece today on your game :D really good.. starts at 9:49

i like it its hard and good

If you get an error immediately at start and you are on x64 ubuntu-based  linux try to install "ia32-libs"

Worked for me

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WHAT THE FREAK MARGE?!?! lmao I do a "killer" marge impression by the way ;)


Muy buen juego no pude encontrar todos los huevos pero me fasino y me saco varios sustos


should i revisit this game? 


Such an awesome game here is my playthrough 5 stars 


Two games in one video. First one is Half, second one, this, starts aroung 6:00. Fun, not typical horror game, more like scary shouts and maniac Marge. Anyway, fun game to play and for time killing.


It has the Simpsons in it. So, I guess that's the appeal?


Hi Diddly Ho Neighborino


egg for bardt

I need your Eggs! Help me find your EGGS!!

Check out more videos like this here!

Seriously scared the glitch out of us! Awesome game hope to see more!

I almost broke my headphones after Marge scared the fuck out of me. But good game. 

Talk about nerve wrecking when you begin the game! This is a solid product that is fun to play, scary as hell at times, and a treat for people that loved The Simpson's! My self included! With that being said, I couldn't get past the 2nd level haha :[ I think there is promise if you're quick and luck is on your side. But since I only got to the 2nd level, I only have feedback for that level: I feel like there isn't a substantial amount of time to sooth Maggie while watching out for Marge. I get it that it's random, but I had Maggie start crying 4 times back-to-back with a few seconds in between during an attempt. She just would not let me leave the room which lead to Marge getting me. If this level can be that difficult, I can only imagine the other 2. But like I said, I feel like there might be promise if luck and quickness is on your side!

Great work!



Now I understand why PewDiePie played this game.


Petite vidéo Française sur le jeu :D 

This game was WAY scarier than I expected it to be hahaha

Here's a video of chapter 2. I like the new setting,even if it is mostly the same. 

Pretty good game. I tackeled the first 2 nights. Only complaint so far is that Maggie cries way too much. Other than that it's lots of fun.

This game is so awesome, everyone should give it a try....The only thing i hate is that our Sprint is too slow. You can't escape from that witch.

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I played and did pretty bad. But, it was cool walking through the Simpson household. 


really spooky 

So rediculous and scary at the same time :P

Here's my lil' playthrough of Eggs for Bart: Chapter One! I think this is definitely a step in the right direction from Woah.exe in terms of the quality. I think the difficulty could be taken down by a notch or so, especially for Maggie and Lisa, but overall it's a pretty goofy-yet-spoopy horror game.

Also, damn man, grabbing resources from some old Simpsons games I played as a kid... the feels man, remembering the good ol' days of gaming, lol.

awesome game

this game is on 32 bits?


Where are the other versions


IMAGINE a Simpson's episode made by the Game Grumps! This game was cool but the controls and the lighting weren't complimenting the game and it's premise! A great concept and wonderful A+ voice acting from Dan and Arin themselves but oof that lighting! 

I play the chapter one for the first time and its very cool the game!! Keep on guys!!

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