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Now I understand why PewDiePie played this game.


Petite vidéo Française sur le jeu :D 

This game was WAY scarier than I expected it to be hahaha

Here's a video of chapter 2. I like the new setting,even if it is mostly the same. 

Pretty good game. I tackeled the first 2 nights. Only complaint so far is that Maggie cries way too much. Other than that it's lots of fun.

I failed like nooooo tomorrow! I am horrible at these types of games but I love playing them! Just because I'm a huge scaredy-cat! Like big time! I only got 6 eggs XD. My only complaint about the game as of right now really can't outrun Marge! But that is it so far!

This game is so awesome, everyone should give it a try....The only thing i hate is that our Sprint is too slow. You can't escape from that witch.

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I played and did pretty bad. But, it was cool walking through the Simpson household. 


really spooky 

So rediculous and scary at the same time :P

Here's my lil' playthrough of Eggs for Bart: Chapter One! I think this is definitely a step in the right direction from Woah.exe in terms of the quality. I think the difficulty could be taken down by a notch or so, especially for Maggie and Lisa, but overall it's a pretty goofy-yet-spoopy horror game.

Also, damn man, grabbing resources from some old Simpsons games I played as a kid... the feels man, remembering the good ol' days of gaming, lol.

awesome game

this game is on 32 bits?


Where are the other versions

IMAGINE a Simpson's episode made by the Game Grumps! This game was cool but the controls and the lighting weren't complimenting the game and it's premise! A great concept and wonderful A+ voice acting from Dan and Arin themselves but oof that lighting! 

I play the chapter one for the first time and its very cool the game!! Keep on guys!!


CHAPTER TWO is even better! Horror 5/5 :D Is there still a trilogy? ^^

An extremely entertaining game to play

merci de proposer votre oeuvre

This Game Challenging and made me shit my pants


W E  R E Q U I R E   E G G S   F O R    B A R T


I hope theres another update for this (maybe i can actually play it while its still popular then) 

Very Easy...hahahah?!

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Can you add a download for Mac OS X 10.6.7?


I mean yeah.... I love the previous Simpsons games on like GameCube and PlayStation but I LOVED THIS ONE TOO!

me gustaria q hubiesen mas charters 3 4 5 6 7 ....etc

quality content

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BUG: On linux systems with pulseaudio the sound does not work. 

FMOD failed to initialize any audio devices, running on emulated software output with no sound. Please check your audio drivers and/or hardware for malfunction.

bugfix ideas: use the right unity code to use pulse-audio  - even software that is written to use ALSA is now captured by pulse-audio and indexed as a stream - which is pretty cool, considering pulse-audio is "a layer" over ALSA 

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<span <this="" game="" is="" very="" amazing!<="" span=""></span>This game is very amazing! Horror 5/5 :D Is there still a trilogy? ^^

Thank you erun, ooniy, dung-bung and jully also thank you the game developer-man.

Is eggs for bart 32 bit or 64 bit?

I was able to complete the next part of this game, much better to deal with than the first one and just as scary.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


The Simpsons really do hide their eggs in the weirdest places...

I saw this game on Gamejolt.  Just wanted to check if it is you because there are no good images or description and that its not pirated -

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can you make the last chapter with peter griffin?

This game really reminds me of Baldi and just like that game this game can sometimes get really unfair and frustrating with baby introduced and does a good job in making me angry XD

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