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Final chapter - After collecting the egg from the cabin, everything turns pink instead of red outlines. Please help


This game was fun to play and the voiced on the chachetres were great. Just passed chapter 1 and cant wait for chapter 2

If you can go support my video that would be awesome!!

Muito legal o jogo, assustador!!!

you said ass.


He was talking in a different language.

uh yeah, i know that,



LOL ok kid.

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This game is great! Super Creepy

Android version plz


Habrá capítulo 4 de eggs for bart?


¿pueden sacar una versión para Android de Eggs For Bart?

Very WTF and surprising but cool ! Pretty hard too...

Happy Birthday EGGS for Bart!

three words: WTF!


Thank You! Greetings from Germany

640 x 480 Resolution Screen pls


do we have to complete a chapter to get to the next one or can we choose which chapter we want to play? 

You can put the game un android

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Mmm i want chapter four.

 but it Is imposible but i have ideas for this imposible chapter

Bless you for this creation. I'm really bad at it so can't actually get beyond the first 6 eggs but its cool I can still see the start of the other chapters anyway. This scared me more than any other horror game I've played...

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BGM copyright is taken in the ending part.
Can you remove the copyright in that part?

  • Fragile Dreams - Lalo Brickman
  • 19:48 - 20:01

And I hope you do not use copyrighted BGMs in the future.


I get Android plzzzz

Hey! I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! I freaking loved the third chapter! It was nuts! Hope ya enjoy the vid!

Skip to 8:41 to see me play your game!

Nice game, it was fun to go through the chapters ( well I knew what to expect for the chapter 1 and 2  ), scare jumps did the job, and the third chapter was well done, really enjoyed the last part ( cutscenes really added mystery, and the ending was... well I was not expecting it, at all ). 

Now, in the third chapter, the part where you have to take the car to find eggs, you can just skip the car, and then just endlessly fall down ( had to restart the game at this point ). Other than that, I had no problems through the chapter. Maybe one egg in the last part, which took more time than expected to be collected ( which isn't a matter, in fact ) ^^

Overall a really good experience, that's a five stars for me ! 

( Though it's in french, I'm adding the english translations soon enough :o )

Very cool parody game! Never thought I would be scared of Marge, yet here we are :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

No Android

Wow I haven't played this in 10 months and now, i just played chapter 2 and chapter 3 it was fun playing this game again.

What an insane final chapter. Not what i was expecting at all. Great job on this wacky wacky game.







So Happy To See Chapter 3 was made! This series has been so much fun to play! 


Chapter 3! It’s finally here! Thanks for emailing me about the release! The game ran pretty smoothly. The visuals were nice and everything ran better than the first two. There were a few hiccups, though. You’re able to walk past the police cars on the first level (possibly starting a wild goose chase around Springfield), Stairs are a little slow going up and down in the house level, it’s possible to fall off of the map causing you to have to force close the game to restart in the car level and one of the eggs were pretty stubborn in being collected in the final level. Otherwise, everything was great! I had a blast playing and was relieved that RNG wasn’t such a huge factor in this chapter.

Why do you think this is the last chapter? And why did the policeman commit suicide, but because he misses his son?

Tbh, I got the 0xc000007b error code. 

not really scary but definitely was fun! 

Love me some scary games:D 

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this game that i play was super duper scary and i like the scary models tho please make more chapters

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