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why does when i get the crib evidence in chapter 3 the whole world is pink instead of transparent glass-like red

Bro the wife crazy fr

LOL this game was fun to play and scary at the same time! I am tryna grow my channel so if u wanna see the vid I made on this pls click it and subscribe if u like my vids :)) 

Best Simpsons' game ever. This is better than Hit and Run, trust us. Super creapy, a masterpiece!

El mejor juego de los Simpsons. Es mejor que Hit and Run, una obra maestra.

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Fun game =)
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I made a let's play channel last year, and this game was used for my first video. 1 year later of uploading videos daily, I felt I needed to give this game another run. Here is my 1-year anniversary special featuring this iconic game:

Thanks, Fleebs.

this horror game is fire

lowkey fun

Feedback: when i am behind the crib, homer wife (whatever her name is) attacks me for no reason and it is very annoying and also for some reason when you go down the stairs you go slower. Beside that it is a very good game but cant go pass the second round ;-;

if you get closer to merge she will say "BRING ME EGGS" for no reason

I absolutely love this game!! Its so much fun and honestly quite difficult and the jumpscares are awesome imo! Only beat the first part of Chapter 1 so far but im defiantly playing it t more! 

A little buggy now and then but i really really enjoyed my first playthrough of this cant wait to play more, here's my gameplay of you enjoy be sure to hit that sub button!


i can not git egg for bart 

can you fix eggs for bart

because is error

What seems to be the issue?

I do buy eggs for Bart...🥚

en linux solo se ve en negro  no es jugable como antes

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Why is it that for when I finish collecting the evidence in Chapter 3 Level 1, everything is purely magenta instead of the grid texture?


I will not be able to sleep greetings from Argentina and if I use a translator haha

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oooooo scary

why the requirements

Thanks, Fleebs! Absolutely legendary game! Best Simpsons game to date!

This game is so scary I love it

Great concept, even better execution love it!

Pour les Francophones !

this game is so funny yet so scary at the same time XD i love it

Pour les Francophones !

Pour les Francophones !

i can't get it

Wow, however I draw "Bart Simpson - AMV - Drift Away" is really such extreme sadness when I played after Clancy shot himself


here cause of cory


Pls make eggs for bart on android too. Plsssssssssss

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people who post videos of them playing the game they downloaded in the comments is fine... if its the same game that the comment section is on if you just post a random video of any random game kinda annoying (also a amazing game it runs great it is a amazing concept keep up the awesome work)

This game was incredible! nice job. Check out the video!

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