A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

GameJolt Mirror: https://gamejolt.com/games/eggsforbart/355488

Eggs for Bart is a Simpsons Parody horror game, in chapter 1 you play as Homer and you need to get eggs for Bart. You must get 2 dozens of eggs and leave the house to give to Bart, but you can only carry a half dozen at a time so you'll have to make 4 trips inside the house and out, also the night will get progressively harder as the night goes on.. with cutscenes after each level that connect into a story of loss and a mystery left unsolved. It won't be easy, as you're not the only one who needs eggs, such as Marge. Only eggs can sustain her and she will go after you and try to take you and your eggs. However she's not the only one who needs e g g . . .

After the events of chapter 1, the Simpsons have gone missing without a trace. However, a certain worried neighbor takes matters into his own hands and goes looking for them himself.  It seems as though he's been gone for a while though.. Should we file another missing person's report..?

Eggs for Bart is free to play and always will be - as it is a parody. Which falls under fair use. If you ever pay for this game somewhere else you should request your money back immediately. There are only 2 places on the internet with official downloads to the game by me, Fleebs, which are this itch.io page and the GameJolt page of the same name. If it is found anywhere else that does not link back to either of the 2 pages contact me immediately.

Mouse (Cursor) | Look
WASD //  🠹 🠸 🠻 🠺   | Move
Mouse (Left Click) | Flashlight On/Off
Left Shift | Sneak
Left Ctrl | Crouch
E | Search

Directing, coding, graphic design, etc. by Fleebs

Simpsonfont by Sharkshock on Dafont.com

Models ripped from The Simpsons: Hit & Run + The Simpsons: Road Rage found on Models-Resource.com
Flashlight model by Steve45 on Free3D.com
Springfield model by Soap161
Simpson's House model by Craftydelight
Knife model by PancakeMan96 on Turbosquid.com

Rain Texture by mrwasd on YouTube.com
Post Processing Stack by Unity Technologies on the Unity Asset Store
Third Person Controller by Unity

Footstep sound effects by Unity Technologies
Rain sound effects by TheMSsoundeffects on YouTube
Door Open sound effect found on Epidemicsound.com
Marge voice clips by GameGrumps on YouTube.com

Tools used:
Engine - Unity 5 Personal
Modelling/Rigging - Blender
Graphic Design - Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
Sound Editing - Adobe Audition CC 2018
Programming - Microsoft Visual Studio 2017

The Simpsons and it's characters are created by Matt Groening for FOX

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/fleebs
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fleebs_tw
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bargingo._/
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/fl33bs
GameJolt: https://gamejolt.com/@Fleebs

Install instructions

(WINDOWS specific, use the Mac/Linux equivalent, I don't own a mac so I'm not able to explain the process but it should be almost the same just different names)

Find the downloaded .ZIP file named "EggsForBartVX.X" and right-click it, click "Extract All..." Click "Browse" and set a location to put the game files in, preferably the desktop or downloads folder for ease. Open the newly created folder and do not edit, delete, or rename any of the files included. Double click the .exe found and set a resolution, 640x480 for 480p, 1280x720 for 720p, 1920x1080 for 1080p, and 2560x1440 for 1440p, or higher if the option is there. The graphics option below basically are how high quality the textures are and for graphical effects. After you've adjusted everything to what you like, click "Play!" and begin the game.


Eggs_For_Bart2.0-WINDOWS.zip 154 MB
Eggs_For_Bart2.0-MACOSX.zip 161 MB
Eggs_For_Bart2.0-LINUX.zip 164 MB

Development log

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not really scary but definitely was fun! 

Love me some scary games:D 

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this game that i play was super duper scary and i like the scary models tho please make more chapters

Make a video with my niece today on your game :D really good.. starts at 9:49

i like it its hard and good

If you get an error immediately at start and you are on x64 ubuntu-based  linux try to install "ia32-libs"

Worked for me

(1 edit) (-1)

WHAT THE FREAK MARGE?!?! lmao I do a "killer" marge impression by the way ;)


Muy buen juego no pude encontrar todos los huevos pero me fasino y me saco varios sustos


should i revisit this game? 


Such an awesome game here is my playthrough 5 stars 


Two games in one video. First one is Half, second one, this, starts aroung 6:00. Fun, not typical horror game, more like scary shouts and maniac Marge. Anyway, fun game to play and for time killing.


It has the Simpsons in it. So, I guess that's the appeal?


Hi Diddly Ho Neighborino


egg for bardt

I need your Eggs! Help me find your EGGS!!

Check out more videos like this here!

Seriously scared the glitch out of us! Awesome game hope to see more!

I almost broke my headphones after Marge scared the fuck out of me. But good game. 

Talk about nerve wrecking when you begin the game! This is a solid product that is fun to play, scary as hell at times, and a treat for people that loved The Simpson's! My self included! With that being said, I couldn't get past the 2nd level haha :[ I think there is promise if you're quick and luck is on your side. But since I only got to the 2nd level, I only have feedback for that level: I feel like there isn't a substantial amount of time to sooth Maggie while watching out for Marge. I get it that it's random, but I had Maggie start crying 4 times back-to-back with a few seconds in between during an attempt. She just would not let me leave the room which lead to Marge getting me. If this level can be that difficult, I can only imagine the other 2. But like I said, I feel like there might be promise if luck and quickness is on your side!

Great work!



Now I understand why PewDiePie played this game.


Petite vidéo Française sur le jeu :D 

This game was WAY scarier than I expected it to be hahaha

Here's a video of chapter 2. I like the new setting,even if it is mostly the same. 

Pretty good game. I tackeled the first 2 nights. Only complaint so far is that Maggie cries way too much. Other than that it's lots of fun.

This game is so awesome, everyone should give it a try....The only thing i hate is that our Sprint is too slow. You can't escape from that witch.

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I played and did pretty bad. But, it was cool walking through the Simpson household. 


really spooky 

So rediculous and scary at the same time :P

Here's my lil' playthrough of Eggs for Bart: Chapter One! I think this is definitely a step in the right direction from Woah.exe in terms of the quality. I think the difficulty could be taken down by a notch or so, especially for Maggie and Lisa, but overall it's a pretty goofy-yet-spoopy horror game.

Also, damn man, grabbing resources from some old Simpsons games I played as a kid... the feels man, remembering the good ol' days of gaming, lol.

awesome game

this game is on 32 bits?


Where are the other versions


IMAGINE a Simpson's episode made by the Game Grumps! This game was cool but the controls and the lighting weren't complimenting the game and it's premise! A great concept and wonderful A+ voice acting from Dan and Arin themselves but oof that lighting! 

I play the chapter one for the first time and its very cool the game!! Keep on guys!!

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