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Very nice tribute to Game Grumps here. It's a good little game. My only issue is with the flash light. It goes a little nuts! Really enjoyed this and got some good scares ha. Thanks for making and looking forward to more! 


This game was very fun but there were some very difficult spots with the gameplay.

SIMPSONS ARE BLOODTHIRSTY! | Eggs for Bart Full Gameplay Walkthrough

The game looks really nice, but it controls really poorly. I enjoyed the game for what it was though and with a little more polish this game could be even better than what it currently is. I still enjoyed it none the less.

I glitched out of the house when I got in with 0 eggs, then Marge followed me outside.

I'm aware of it being possible to get outside the house after the 1.3 update, the trigger was made bigger to open the door from the other side so if you push into the door hard enough it opens but it's not that big of a deal because there's nothing too gamebreaking outside. Marge's pathfinding is also set up to follow you out if she does see you.

This is awesome that you made a Simpsons Horror Game. This actually shit me up so much. Especially when Maggie comes out of nowhere. The only thing I would like to know if there is any way to dodge the characters

Really enjoyed this one, the only part of the game that was a bit annoying was the masshing "E" button. Otherwise , it's great. 

it was hard to control Homer in the begining but then i got used to the game lol ! great job

A lot to improve on. But


lol is this a game grumps reference


The best part of these cartoon horror games is seeing the world's remade into a game and this was done realy well great fun marge was a spooky cow

I get the Game Grumps reference. "ONLY EGGS CAN SUSTAIN ME."

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This Game is way harder than I thought it was going to be.

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Great game the controls need some work couldn't see the light at times but fun and creepy


Gave it a go...


I loved it! It was a challenge for sure! Maggie Simpson was sure a challenge to actually take on! The first time you go against her you get confused soooo much! I do recommend it for anyone that actually wants to play a nice challenging horror game!

Loved the concept, may need some polish on the camera controls but really fun to play

this was very very freaky!! soooo dark but really fun to play!! the first part is done! time to move on to the next! :D awesome job on creating this game! :)

Do you have manual? I have some problems

Enjoyed playing this!  making the simpsons into a horror games was cool!  I liked the objective and the way the game was designed to!  Great job :D 

The game definitely needs alot of work! The controls were clunky, and obnoxious and partly the reason why I didn't complete the baby level. Also speaking of that level... the frequency at which that baby goes off makes that level some real BULL BULL to complete and while I could've did it level 3 still probably would've made me rage for sure lol. I like the game concept though, Marge was scary as freak and the baby was just terrifying when I first encountered it (and I say it because that's not a baby that's the SPAWN OF SATAN!) lol for a short playthrough I really did enjoy it! Kudos to making the game. 

This game was extremely difficult and took a long time to complete! It’s an awesome parody and I love how you used models from existing Simpsons games. That really hit home with nostalgia. Making this game third person was an awesome touch and it really made it a lot more difficult to control. It sort of simulated a rag-doll effect. The jump scares were insane and got me just about every time near the beginning. Your addition of cut scenes to tell a story was really clever as well! Atmosphere was simple, but still spooky. Audio queues were pretty solid except I had no idea where Lisa’s sound was supposed to come from. There were a few glitches or bugs (not sure if intentional) that made it way harder to complete. Bart spawns in multiple places at once including sometimes on top of you, Marge can detect you through walls & sometimes through floors when you’re directly underneath her. The flashlight was also blocked out pretty often by objects, making everything pitch black at times, but learning how to move the camera helped a lot with that. I loved this! I loved the difficulty! Thanks so much for making it!

I Really enjoyed game. 
It's too hard from the second round. A little difficulty adjustment seems necessary.
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Great game the jumpscares were scary and the look and feel to the game was just overall spooky. This was really fun to play but also really hard. I loved it the only thing i disliked was the difficulty and some of the controls.


Great game it was funnnn!!!!

That was a really good game. Aside from the slightly off controls it was really something special.

Well that was a horrific experience and exceptionally hard to deal with.  I never thought I would see a true treehouse of horror on this level, very good job.  5/5.

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