There will be no chapter 3.

So I know after the end of the Q&A video I did I announced that Chapter 3 was in development, and it was. But when I tried to think of a new story and reveal more stuff that would make it more exciting then just killing off all of the characters, I couldn't. Plus the game is dying, and chapter 2 was supposed to be the end of it. So many people wanted a chapter 3 that I gave in, but there's nothing more to squeeze out of this dying game. Is that a bad thing? No not at all, the game had it's run and I'm so thankful to everyone who played it and I love watching your YouTube videos on it, and it was amazing. There will be no more updates either, 2.0 is the final version. I am NOT done with game development, EFB was an amazing learning experience and I'm going to try to make something even better, will it be another horror game? Probably not, but who knows?? :))

Get Eggs for Bart


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i can,t wait for chapter 3 fleebs