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I mean yeah.... I love the previous Simpsons games on like GameCube and PlayStation but I LOVED THIS ONE TOO!

me gustaria q hubiesen mas charters 3 4 5 6 7 ....etc

quality content

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BUG: On linux systems with pulseaudio the sound does not work. 

FMOD failed to initialize any audio devices, running on emulated software output with no sound. Please check your audio drivers and/or hardware for malfunction.

bugfix ideas: use the right unity code to use pulse-audio  - even software that is written to use ALSA is now captured by pulse-audio and indexed as a stream - which is pretty cool, considering pulse-audio is "a layer" over ALSA 

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<span <this="" game="" is="" very="" amazing!<="" span=""></span>This game is very amazing! Horror 5/5 :D Is there still a trilogy? ^^

Thank you erun, ooniy, dung-bung and jully also thank you the game developer-man.

Is eggs for bart 32 bit or 64 bit?

I was able to complete the next part of this game, much better to deal with than the first one and just as scary.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer


The Simpsons really do hide their eggs in the weirdest places...

I saw this game on Gamejolt.  Just wanted to check if it is you because there are no good images or description and that its not pirated -

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can you make the last chapter with peter griffin?

This game really reminds me of Baldi and just like that game this game can sometimes get really unfair and frustrating with baby introduced and does a good job in making me angry XD

Gotta admit, Marge's design is terrifying XD

Tons of fun! I never thought I'd  be scared by a Simpson's themed horror game...



Why is this game so hard LOL 

I like the update. I was really struggling this time to actually beat it though. This is a really good game!

hey! i played your game for my channel :) 

Great game i loved chapter 2 it was WAY easier and the visuals were great i don't really have much to say other than i really enjoyed it and i can't wait for chapter 3


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I feel like this was inspired by Dave Microwaves Games Courage's Curse game. Maybe it's just a coincidence either way your game is pretty spooky. I like the touch of turning off the flashlight and, it's pitch black! It really ups the fear factor and, the atmospheric vibe to the max!

This was SCARY fun!! Is Marge...okay?

ay guys i made a mod of this. the only way you'll get it is via my gamebanana [same name] but... It's... weird at best... At least I enjoy this game!

What the freak happened to Marge.. she’s on that shmack boy XD

The game will not download when I click the download button

It does download .

It is OK I downloaded it on game jolt

fix the fucking baby, it's randomized to the goddamn point where i have played chapter 2 so many stupid times that i know every one of marge's patterns and all the locations of the eggs based off of searching 2 containers and i can't fucking win because i soothe the baby, it cries, i soothe it again, it cries, it can happen back and forth continuously until i lose the goddamn game because Marge fucking Simpson smashes it's head open with a ballpeen hammer and i swear to christ himself im about to load up a shotgun and blast my brains out because Maggie Simpson in this alternate universe has Parkinson's and has more energy than a goddamn jet plane on heroin.

and there's a bug where marge can see you through maggie's room it's happened to me a baker's dozen times

i cant even move my mouse when i play this pls help


Getting the 24 eggs was a pain, but is was worth it!
I wasn't impressed by the first chapter, but the new one made me chance my mind! It is really nice to see indie games get better while adding new content. The concept of the game is unique and creepy at times. As for the visuals and the art style, I loved it. It feels like an official game, even though the controls were a bit clunky (no problems on Chapter 2 though). The sound effects and the references are a nice touch undoubtedly. Gameplay wise, the game is challenging, but relies a lot on the luck factor. I like the randomness on the last levels, because they make the game unpredictable, but I feel there is room for some tweaks on the otherwise good mechanics. The cutscenes are awesome as well! I totally liked the way you implemented them!
I had fun playing the game. Honestly I was surprised that the latest update made me change my mind.
Keep up the good work!!


wow this game is super tough! Controls were a bit cumbersome but it made this challenging! Great job! 

What's wrong with Bart?



wow this game i amazing check out my video on it 


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i think this game was very fun


Chapter Two was a HUGE improvement in a lot of things in comparison to the first chapter. That being said, it was also WAY more forgiving and a lot less difficult. The mechanics were similar, which is pretty solid. The visuals were just as great! They were nice and nostalgic as always. Sound engineering was just as great as the first chapter. I absolutely love the GameGrumps / Oneyplays references. The game ran way more smooth in this chapter and was a lot less glitchy. The flashlight and crouch mechanic to avoid Marge was pretty cool! Although, near the end I found that it was more productive to just run around her and avoid her patrol. Dealing with Maggie's RNG was a lot easier in this chapter, as well as Bart's randomness since you're able to gain a lot more distance on Lisa. I think the main factor in this chapter being a lot easier is the fact that it isn't nearly as cramped as chapter one. Sorry, I ranted for a while there. Thanks so much for updating this! I look forward to your future games!

I remember this episode fondly Marge needing those eggs, Bort also needing those eggs, beautiful memories.

Sweet gameplay mate, it feels like Simpsons Hit and Run, swells of childhood memories came runshing back, good job.

This is a good horror game. But it's too difficult for me.🤣🤣

This was a pretty cool horror game, it was very dark and atmospheric, and that got to me a lot! Enjoyed it a bunch!


Great game man! Marge is crazy and theres definitely a great horror atmosphere developing. I'm excited to see what else you make!! 

Here's my play through! 


Wow this game is amazing . You should check out my video on it  LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE

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This game is very  fun

i love it so much the idea behind it is very



This is surprisingly hard, also pretty fun.

I’m not sure what I played but it was intense an fun.

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