Thank you for playing EFB!!

After the 2nd day of it being out this game has already fAR went passed the amount of views and downloads I think this would've gotten, it means a lot!! In under 4 days this game has already gotten 33% of the downloads and 40% of the views Woah.EXE (My last game that's only on GameJolt) has gotten in almost a year, seriously thank you all so muchhh, and to everyone uploading their Let's Plays to YouTube thank you a million times for that, I watch every EFB let's play you guys upload and it's seriously amazing, not to mention heckin BijuuMike played it and he has 1.4 million subscribers wOW he even finished the game why would he do that to himself?? Also LiNX4 played it all the way through despite how WOAH.exe went he really had a hard time with that but surprisingly didn't get as mad, and even complimented me when it was over woww, I really didn't expect this much attention so thank you all so much, it might not seem like much but it's certainly a lot for me being just a dumb 15 year old with too much free time!!

If there's anything you'd like to see added to the game OTHER THAN MAKING IT EASIER, the difficulty is perfectly fine how it is right now.. Leave a comment!! Also share this game around!! It would be a dream to find this game on like Markiplier's channel I'd love to see how he'd handle the game soo much I would really appreciate it if he did, and GameGrumps and OneyPlays too cause obviously the game was based off of them so it would be the bEST to see their reaction!!

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