Eggs for Bart v1.3 Patch NotES (LOTS)

PatcH noTES:

-Turning off your flashlight makes marge's hitbox for noticing you smaller, and so does sneaking and doing both together cuts her view in half

-Bart can't spawn in a doorway you're standing in

-Footsteps are now synced up to Homer's walking animation

-Lisa is slightly faster

-Maggie gives you an extra 5 seconds to sooth her before she gets you

-Marge's pathfinding is better so she has a less chance of standing next to you and doing nothing instead of jumpscaring you

-Marge's hitbox for running directly into her and triggering her jumpscare has been made bigger

-Marge chases you faster

-Searching triggers in the kitchen have been fixed so they won't disapear when you're directly in front of the spot

-The trigger for going indoors has been improved so it won't rain inside

-When you beat a level it waits 1 second before you can continue so you don't accidently skip the end screen as soon as it opens

-Added a version number to the Title screen

-When you click New Game on the Title Screen and you have saved data it gives you an "Are You Sure" prompt to make sure you don't accidently click it

-Added a trail of blood in the 1st cutscene to make it obvious where to go

-Increased the ghost waypoint hitbox in cutscene 2 to make it less likely to fly passed

-Exported with updated Unity Engine 2018.2.1

-Updated TextMeshPro

TL;DR: The game is slightly easier with wayy less bugs/glitches!!

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Aug 02, 2018

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Is there any way to turn off the motion blur effect?

hello i found  2 bugged ... i take the link

I entre the door of start but  i see lisa simpons is not chase 
Lisa Simpson is not following and attacking Homer on 0:30
Maggie is not attack

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Thanks for putting these in a video! All of the bugs you've shown and more have been fixed and are now released as version 1.4.