Eggs for Bart v1.4 Patch NotES (FIXED)

PatcH noTES:

-The collision for the stairs are fixed, Marge can no longer get stuck on them

-Trigger for going indoors and turning off the rain and starting Maggie and Lisa has been fixed

-Marge’s pathfinding is widened, she can no longer get stopped chasing you and can walk behind tight places such as the crib and won’t get stuck on random objects

-The doors have been fixed so Marge won’t open and close them over and over like a psycho

-The flashlight is improved and will no longer make dark shadows or any shadows at all

-Lights for the searchable spots have been brighten and the ones that were less obvious are way more obvious to avoid being skipped

-Title screen is improved, the version number is smaller and the chapter select is present but the button to go to Chapter 2 has been disabled as it is not finished, and will be finished for the 2.0 update

DISCLAIMER: A version of 1.4 was uploaded with a line of code that was meant for debug use and automatically sets your data back to night 2 whenever the title screen is shown. I'm sorry if this caused issues to anyone and if they lost data, but it was a very small group of people that downloaded it before I took it down. This has been fixed and the current 1.4 up now is completely fine.

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Aug 05, 2018

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