Eggs for Bart Chapter 2 is released! (+ 2.0 Patch NotES)

Eggs for Bart Chapter 2 is out now!!!

After the events of chapter 1, the Simpsons have gone missing without a trace. However, a certain worried neighbor takes matters into his own hands and goes looking for them himself. It seems as though he's been gone for a while though.. Should we file another missing person's report..?

Patch NoTES:
-Chapter 2 is released
-4 Brand New Cutscenes
-Improved Graphics
-Added a Help Menu to the Title Screen
-Crouching now lets Marge notice you less just how Shift does

+ MUCH more, download Chapter 2 today!!!

Files 154 MB
Aug 09, 2018 161 MB
Aug 09, 2018 164 MB
Aug 09, 2018

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